Booking Appointments Online

Please be aware of the following when booking appointments online:
• You may only book 1 appointment per problem, if you wish to discuss more than one problem, you will need another appointment.
• If you would like an earlier appointment, keep checking the app as more appointments are released each day along, there are also often cancellations
• Appointments requiring an examination will need to be a face to face with a GP or Nurse e.g. chest infection
• Medication reviews can be done via telephone
• If you require paperwork signing or checking, please bring this to the practice and speak with a receptionist as you may not need a GP or nurse appointment
• If you would like to an interpreter, please contact the practice separately to allow us to book this, please be aware these should be double appointments
• For females who think they may have a water infection, please bring a sample to the practice for testing prior to booking an appointment
• Females wishing to discuss gynae issues should book a double appointment to allow time for examination if needed
• If you would like to self-refer to our physiotherapy service, please contact the practice directly via telephone