Travel Checklist

With the world slowly opening for tourism, a lot more people are now travelling abroad for work and holidays. Make sure you have the following things in place to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possibly, and you are prepared for any healthcare eventualities.


Travel insurance is now more important than ever. Insurance covers you not only for any healthcare issues that may arise but a whole host of other eventualities which may be problematic when travelling. Whilst UK Covid guidelines have now slackened, this may not be the case for other parts of the world whose covid status remains changeable. Most insurance companies will now offer policies with a Coronavirus clause including repatriation.


Making sure you have all your vaccines up to date for the country you wish to visit is important. It will prevent you from contracting dangerous diseases whilst abroad and avoid the need for any medical care or hospitalisation. You can find out more about travel vaccines here.

You should also check you have the correct covid vaccines and that they are recognised by the country you are visiting.

Accessing Emergency & Routine Healthcare

Please be aware that you will not be able to request medical advice from your GP while abroad. Test results and other information may be given to you over the phone, however we are not able to offer you a consultation with a GP while you are out of the country. It is therefore important you research how to access medical care in the country you are visiting should you fall ill or require medical help. A list of emergency numbers while abroad can be found here.

Our online GP consultation service Livi is still available to patients abroad however this is limited to consultations only, prescriptions cannot be provided. If you require medication you should make sure you order your prescription in plenty of time before you are due to leave otherwise you will need to locate a pharmacy in the place you are visiting.

Covid test and travel documents

Whilst a lot more countries are opening their borders to visitors is it important you check what you need to travel with regards to coronavirus. Will you need to quarantine when you get there? How many covid tests will you need to take before departure and on arrival? Do you require proof of vaccination? Answers will vary depending on when and where you want to travel. For the most up-to-date advice visit

Most importantly, don’t forget your passport and have a safe trip!