Medical Student Teaching

What is it?

In September of each year, we invite a group of medical students from the University of Newcastle to come to the Village Green Surgery to be taught by our GPs as part of their medical training.

These students are just starting to see patients and need to practice talking to and examining them.

They will be supervised by one of our GPs at all times.

Can I help?

We are looking for people who are willing to help us teach the medical students, allowing them to become competent doctors in the future.

The GP running the training session will speak to you before the appointment and explain exactly what will be involved.

If you are able to help with training our medical students, we ask that you come to the surgery for 2 hours on a specified day to speak to 2 sets of patients, usually in groups of no more than 2.

The students will discuss your condition with you and then if applicable, carry out an examination – for example, if you have a chest condition or have maybe had some breathing difficulties, then the student will examine your chest.

You only need to provide information you are comfortable sharing.


You only need to give information to the students that you are comfortable sharing. They must respect your confidentially and are not permitted to discuss you outside of the teaching sessions.

Are you interested in helping?

If you are interested in helping our medical students, please tell your GP or leave a message for Dr Soomro with Reception.

You will be contacted nearer the time with further details.