Primary Care Navigation

At the Village Green Surgery, we are rolling out a new scheme called Patient Care Navigation.

Primary or Patient Care Navigators are highly trained and experienced members of staff who work in your local GP practice. They can guide you towards local community groups, services and organisations for support, advice, activities and more. Their job is to help you feel healthy, happy and help with other aspects of your life which may not necessarily be clinical.

A Primary Care Navigator may ask you how you feel when you visit the practice or contact you by phone. A doctor or nurse may also suggest you speak to one of our care navigators. We have a large database of groups, activities and services to suit your needs and interests. Our navigation team will help you to speak to the right people to solve problems with benefits, care, social and housing.

If you are interested in Primary Care Navigation or would like some more information, speak to a member of the reception team at the surgery and they will be happy to help. Here are some of the things we can assist you with:

  • Social groups and organisation, including activity groups and TIME SWAP
  • Help to get support from district nursing and specialist nurses
  • Social services and help around the home
  • Communication with healthcare and clinical professionals
  • Transport services
  • Housing and repairs
  • Equipment and adaptations
  • General information and advice about North Tyneside and the services and facilities available to you

When you speak to your Primary Care Navigator, they may suggest you see a nurse of pharmacist rather than a GP – but you can be confident in the advice they give. We want you to have more life in your years as well as more years in your life!